Sensory / Enrichment Class



Do you have a Dog that struggles emotionally how to cope with another dog? Or a new person?Or a new environment?

Would you describe your dog as Nervous?, Anxious?, Lacks Confidence?, Fearful?, Unpredictable?, Reactive?

Then this is the group for you .

  • Course of 6 sessions
  • £150 for course
  • Will be held in a safe hall.
  • Limited to just 4 dogs
  • Introduce your dog to a new style of learning
  • Modern ground breaking techniques of Groundwork & Freework.
  • Introduction of Cavalletti, Poles and the Star.
  • Introduction of balance work
  • All these help a dog to be aware of its body, builds coordination and balance.
  • Helps a dog to concentrate on a task in the presence of another dog.
  • Introduction to methods of Touch to help a dog relax.
  • Dogs  MUST have had a 1-1 with us first to assess suitability for placement in this group.

( Please note must be at least 12 months old) 


This course has been developed by Annie & Simon having spent numerous time at Workshops, Courses and Presentations on groundbreaking techniques developed by world famous Sarah Fisher.

We will introduce to you and your dog to a whole new world of coaching your dog based solely on their emotional state.

We give them choice.

We watch and observe your dog. What it likes and what he does not like. We will coach you to understand their body language.

The techniques we will coach you in have been developed to increase a dog's confidence, their problem solving skills, their awareness of their own body all build towards helping mental wellbeing.

This is not about Obedience, Control, or how far your dog can jump.....this is about creating an environment in a safe location to promote confidence and a comfortable and content dog.

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Class not for you & your dog? No problem :)

1-1 Session

  • If you would prefer just to experience this wonderful session with just your dog, no problem!
  • If you would like to experience this session and your dog has no obvious struggles, but it sounds like a great activity for your dog to do, no problem!

Price for 1-1 Session

  • 1 Hour experience £75
  • You will have the benefit of Annie & Simon coaching you and your dog throughout the ssession.
  • Held in a safe and secure location either at Flaunden or Pinner.

Freework in our Sensory Class