online courses

On subscription, you will be invited to one of our private Facebook groups.

On these Pages are where we upload our Training videos of the Games and concepts you would have learnt in our regular In Person Classes.

Then once a week you will join a suitable Zoom Class for you and your dog.

Focus Dogs Online Training

Advantages for you:

  • During this  Coronavirus outbreak online training allows you to coach your dog safely within the recommended Social Distancing etc
  • Online training allows you to train at a time that suits you.
  • No more travelling to the class location, made worse if your dog does not like car journeys. Now it is stress free with online training.
  • Online training allows you to pause videos, replay videos that suits your learning style and learning pace.
  • Online training allows dogs of all ages, of all backgrounds, regardless of vaccinations, regardless if they are intact or not, in season, reactive to other dogs or humans etc they can all now join a class and join our popular training and effective methods.
  • Online training allows a more affordable price.
  • Online training allows you far more access to content, videos and files. Way more than conventional lessons.
  • Give it a go. You have nothing to lose but a great deal to gain.