Welcome to Focus Dogs

  • Welcome,  if you are searching for a professional Dog Trainer in Harrow, Puppy Training  ,  or simply have a question about dog behaviour; and you live in Harrow, Northwood or Pinner, Focus Dogs can help you.

  • There is much to see here, so take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Focus Dogs. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

  • At Focus Dogs we provide coaching for real life issues that affect your dog  everyday. 
  • We understand  that an increasing number of  companion dogs suffer with behaviours  that are emotionally led.
  • We will show you how to help your dog gain confidence, build optimism and reduce its fear or anxiety.
  • We use low stress coaching techniques, based on science. All of which are positive and reward based. This helps hugely with the learning process and builds trust and forms stronger bonds.

  • Focus on you by your dog is an essential behaviour your dog can learn. 

  • Once learnt unwanted behaviours you both experienced together , for example running off maybe  to chase other dogs or wildlife, or  pulling on  the lead excessively or simply never returning when called simply start to decrease .

  • Focus Dogs will help you build this focus through games that create a learning environment for your dog. Increasing the bond between you and developing the dog's skill set in learning to live with us in our busy world.

About Focus Dogs. Dog Training with games


Focus Dogs: Modern, quality dog training

  • Focus Dogs is owned by a retired Police Dog Handler and we have many years of experience in coaching dogs and more importantly their owners. 
  • Focus Dogs specialises in 1 - 1 bespoke coaching. 
  • We provide modern coaching and underpinned by positive, fun based learning predominantly through a range of games designed to create a learning environment for a variety of behaviours; from lunging and barking to pulling on the leash or not coming back when called.
  • Focus  Dogs are committed to helping those dogs that struggle to cope with living in our busy world.

If you have any issue with your dog that you need help with then just get in touch.


Reliable and Trustworthy Instructor

  • Focus Dogs is owned by an Approved Instructor with The Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour (ADTB), 
  • An Approved Instructor with The Dog Training College.
  • Retired Police Officer , worked and trained General Purpose and Specialist Firearm Recovery Dog.
  • A member of The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT).
  • Assessor for the UK Tracking Dog Association.
  •  Diploma Level 3 in The Management of Canine Behaviour.
  •  K9 1st Aid qualified .
  •  City & Guilds  Level 3 qualification in Dog Grooming. 
  • City & Guilds Level 3 PTTLS teaching qualification.


Focus Dogs Ethos

  • Focus Dogs work closely with you to formulate a plan that is best for your dog.
  • Focus Dogs will ensure the training if fun for you and your dog.
  • Focus Dogs always uses kind methods based on the latest scientific findings.
  • Focus Dogs do not use prong collars, check/choke chains or other aversive equipment. 
  • Focus Dogs are  a reward based dog training company.
  • Focus Dogs are committed to Continued Professional Development to bring you the most modern techniques and science based understanding to help your dog.