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Dog Training Prices: ** please read our terms & conditions*

All behavioural sessions start with a consultation first.


  • A 90 mins meeting with you and your dog at your house.  
  • We will assess your dog and together create a plan and together agree what the most suitable  dog training courses are for you and your dog.
  • We will ask you to play with your dog.
  • We will ask you to give your dog some basic cues to perform.
  • We will observe the dog in a specific situation.

                   Price from £60.00           ( subject to location)

1-1 Hour session


  • A 60 mins session, where we meet at suitable locations that will suit your dog. 
  • During the sessions we practice the games and your coordination and build on the power of play .
  • We will set you tasks to practice until we meet next.

                    Price from £40.00                                                                ( subject to location)

6 session 1:1 Puppy Course

Focus Dogs. Anna & Summer intro to the mat game.

  • We will get you off to a great start as you both begin your journey.
  • Packed with useful tips and advice. 
  • We cover suitable puppy play,.
  • How to build confidence
  • Basic intro to  everyday cues
  • Common puppy behaviours.
  • Introduction to Life Skills  such as:
  • Please & Thank yous
  • Self Control
  • Create calmness
  • Listening skills
  • Make the right choice


  • Legal responsibilities, 
  • Safe transport and
  • Health checks. 
  • 60 mins sessions at your home

                 Price from £200.00                ( subject to location)

4 session 1:1 course (Can also be 6)


  • Perfect for helping you get to know your new adopted rescue dog.
  • Gentle coaching to suit your dog's character. 
  • They may be anxious, nervous, boisterous, reactive to other dogs or humans just to name a few. 
  • We will develop a bespoke approach to suit them. 
  • This is also suitable for dealing with a behavioural issue.  
  • We will guide you following the consultation to suggest the best way forward to deal with any behavioural traits.
  •  60 mins sessions.

Price from £150 ( £200 for 6)

(subject to location)

Life skills Course


  • Dog scared of the hoover?
  • Jumps up at everyone?
  • Uncomfortable at being touched?
  • No control at front door? 
  • Attacks the lawnmower?
  • Constantly on the go and is wearing you out?
  • Barking all the time at home?
  • Damages your house and you are scared to leave him?
  • Dog struggling to cope at home?

This course is for you. Book this course and have a look at some of our other dog training courses in Harrow, Northwood, Pinner and surrounding areas. Dog classes are coming to these areas soon. Can be booked for 4 or 6 sessions.

Price  from £150 (£200 for 6)

PAYG £40 ( subject to location)

How to play with your dog


  • Learn how to play to coach behaviours or positions. 
  • Understand the science behind the toy to motivate your dog. 
  • Learn how to build focus, attention, and how the dog will choose to play over distractions. 
  • Learn how to motivate your dog to 'work' for a toy to replace food.

A must for all dog owners.

90 mins session of fun and bonding. You will love this session.

Price from £50.00

(subject to location)

More Dog training prices

Scent Work or Tracking Session 1:1


  • Having worked and trained Police Dogs to source specific scents allow me to share with you this truly fabulous skill that dogs can perform.
  • Learn about the awesome world of scent.
  • Learn how to conduct a search of an area.
  • Unlock the potential of your dog's nose. 
  • Your dog will love these sessions.
  • A great skill for  those dogs with endless energy. 
  • Channel that excess energy into a great game.
  • Great for teamwork, bonding, fun, energetic, focus, play the whole package. 
  • Dogs love these activities.
  • 60 mins sessions.
  • Can be purchased as a course POA

Price from £40.00

( subject to location)

Shaping 1:1 Session


  • Shaping is the gentle and intelligent way to coach your dog. 
  • Super fun as you literally see your dog working things out in its brain. 
  • Learn the skill of shaping and start to put it into practice to shape a multitude of positions or behaviours. 
  • These dog classes are available in Harrow, Northwood,  and Pinner.
  • 60 mins sessions

Price from £40.00

( subject to location)

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