What equipment should I bring?

Please bring your dog!, 

  • Lead about 3 -4 feet in length, please do not use a retractable lead.
  • Lots of treats.
  • 2 toys ( no squeeky ones)
  • A towel & Poo bags.
  • A mat or bed for dog to settle

We do not allow the use of Slip Leads, Choke/check chains whether they are full or half.

Can I bring my children to your classes?

 Well behaved children are very welcome in our classes. They offer the opportunity for puppies without children at home to socialise wth small humans!.  The children enjoy watching the puppies and are often better than their parents at the training!

What happens if my puppy is frightened?

It is quite normal for puppies to be a bit nervous when first joining the class.  For most puppies this lasts seconds as they get a chance to assess the situation and relax before going off lead to play.  Often even the most nervous puppies end up playing happily in the first session but it is important not to rush them. Occasionally a puppy watches at first from the safety of your lap. Nervous puppies are carefully monitored and socialised so that they join in with the play when they are ready. We also have a quiet area for those that need to relax .

What happens if my puppy is too boisterous?

As well as teaching puppies they have no need to be frightened, an essential part of the class is teaching the puppy manners in play.

The puppies learn that to continue playing they need to be polite. They will be prevented from being too rough and encouraged to play politely.

The concept of calmness is always encouraged, so that your pup/dog does not learn that as soon as it sees another dog it must play.  A great concept for them to learn.

Which treats are good?

You can just use your pup or dog's meal allowance for the session.

Treats need to be highly palatable (tasty), small and quick to eat.  Smellier the better. Cheese, hot dog sausage or liver cake are firm favourites as too are diced carrots.

Is there a maximum group size for Group Sessions?

Yes, 6 is the maximum number of dogs.

This ensures that each dog and owner receive enough 1:1 attention and assistance. There will always be 2 Instructors present.

Do I need classes or a 1:1?

If you are unsure please contact us for advice. 

Some pups/dogs do not enjoy the group experience , this can be for a variety of reasons. Please ask especially if your dog is nervous or anxious around the presence of other dogs or people.

Does the whole family need to be present during a 1:1 behaviour consultation?

No to be honest. We leave you to pass on the information to your family. We are more concerned about the welfare of the dog and sometimes if everyone is present this can be overwhelming for your dog.

Which breeds attend?

The classes are open to all legal breeds. It is essential for your puppy to socialise with all types of breeds so that they can  recognise the different looks and body language restrictions some breeds have.  Your puppy will find puppies of the same breed easiest because they were socialised with mum and litter mates.  Often unlikely pairings are formed through play. Puppies tend to pair up to those with similar attitudes rather than looks and size.

What qualifications do your team hold?

All our qualifications and experience are listed on our Homepage. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our Continued Professional Development. Often travelling to different parts of the country to attend workshops about the very latest science backed coaching methods.

What training methods do you use?

We only use low stress, positive reward based methods for your dog.

However, how we go about it differs from one dog to another as every dog is an individual.

We do not shout, smack, yank or use any other aversive methods. Likewise we do not allow owners to. Dealing with owners' expectations and frustration is something we talk about.

How do I pay?

By completing the Contact Form and we will forward payment details.

Only when the fee is paid is your place or session confirmed. We will text you a confirmation.

So prompt payment is essential to avoid disappointment.