New Events coming for springtime 2020

Accompanied Walks



These walks will be held once a month. You will have the benefit of Annie & Myself walking and supporting you and your dogs.

  • Max 6 dogs.
  • £15 a walk.
  • 90 mins.
  • Town & Country walks
  • Getting on buses and tubes.
  • Gain more confidence in managing a walk.
  • Develop more ideas how to introduce games on walks.
  • Make walks more interactive.
  • Make new friends with like minded people.

(Please note only suitable for dogs over 12 months of age and dogs must be able to cope with dogs in close proximity and new people) 

K9 1st Aid Workshop



We hope to run these workshops twice a year. An absolute MUST if you are a Dog Owner, Dog Professional , Dog Walker, Groomer , Trainer etc.

  • Cost is £35 pp
  • Max number is 10 persons
  • Location TBC, , either Flaunden or Northwood
  • Workshop lasts from 10am to 3pm.
  • Certificates of Attendance

Learn about:

  1. CPR and have a go on our Resuscitation  Dog called Casper!
  2. Bandaging
  3. Bleeding
  4. Choking
  5. Poisoning
  6. Allergic reactions
  7. Overheating

Lots more beside. We are both trained in Canine 1st Aid and also bring a huge amount of experience in dog ownership and will bring real life scenarios to you that have happened to our dogs.( Please note this is for humans only! No dogs)

Sensory Calmness Course


 Do you have a Dog that struggles emotionally how to cope with another dog?Then this is the group for you .

  • Course of 6 sessions
  • £150 for course
  • Will be held in a safe hall.
  • Limited to just 4 dogs
  • Introduce your dog to a new style of learning
  • Modern ground breaking techniques of Groundwork & Freework.
  • Introduction of Cavalletti, Poles and the Star.
  • Introduction of balance work
  • All these help a dog to be aware of its body, builds coordination and balance.
  • Helps a dog to concentrate on a task in the presence of another dog.
  • Introduction to methods of Touch to help a dog relax.
  • Dogs  MUST have had a 1-1 with us first to assess suitability for placement in this group.

( Please note must be at least 12 months old) 

Introduction to Scent Course


 Want to do something different with your dog this year? Then give this course a try. Learn how to exercise your Dog's nose and harness their innate ability to source different scent.

  • Course of 6 sessions.
  • Max of 4 Dogs.
  • £120 for course.
  • Held at Flaunden Village Hall.
  • Locate property via human scent.
  • Open and closed hides.
  • Learn how to search an area methodically.
  • Introduction to specific scents to increase ability.
  • Super fun for the dog and you.
  • Increases bond between you .
  • Best 'workout' your dog will ever experience.

( Please note dog must be at least 12 months old. Your dog should be comfortable on different surfaces. Not suitable for dogs that struggle with with new environments) 

We want your Puppies!



Please always get in touch with us if you have a Puppy and you are looking for a class.

We always hold a list of clients with Pups and once we have a minimum number then we form the class.

So quicker we hear from YOU the quicker we get the class arranged.

All details of what we cover in our Puppy course can be  found here.