You will find what is involved in each of our courses

Pre Puppy Consultation

A must for all potential new puppy owners. 

An opportunity for you to ask all those questions whirling around in your mind!!

This is a 90 minute consultation held at your house, the conversation is led by you….we will answer every question that is important to you and how you want to live with your puppy.

Common questions and topics we do get asked for advice are:

  •  How a puppy learns.
  • How to prepare yourself for the imminent arrival.
  • How to safely prepare your house and garden.
  • To crate or not to crate?
  • How to manage your expectations.
  • What to expect on puppy’s 1st night.
  • All the feeding questions, what food?, how much?.
  •  Appropriate exercise for a puppy.
  • Vets
  •  Insurance
  • Safe transport
  •  Legal responsibilities.

Fee £100

*** OFFER***


When you buy a Pre Pup Consultation and a Puppy Skills Course at the same time  you save £25. 

Total fee £375.

Puppy Skills Course


This course is coached in the safety of puppy’s home;  creating a secure learning environment 

Our Puppy Skills Course concentrates on your puppy, how they feel and is firmly built on low stress techniques and positive reward based methods. 

You and your puppy will learn skills, methods and why behaviours occur. Such as:

  • House training
  • Mouthing , nipping, chewing
  •  Early socialisation.
  •  Intro to suitable collars, harnesses and leads.
  • paws on floor.
  • Introduction to calmness and safe place (bed).
  • Crate training if needed.
  • Introduction to appropriate play and suitable toys.
  • Games to shape confidence through exposure to new surfaces and obstacles.
  • Games to build balance and flexibility of their bodies and brain.
  • Games to promote problem solving.
  • Games to build proximity to you and to increase bond with you.
  • Introduction to Sit and Come through fun and games. 
  • How to help puppy feel safe when left alone for very short periods.

This is a truly modern puppy course. Focused on fun and practical concepts that will form the basis of how you want your puppy to live with you in your house.

Fee is £300

Young Dog Skills Course


Your puppy is no longer quite a puppy nor are they a teenager, they are in between ….a young dog.

Our Young Dog Skills course is available for dogs aged between 6 months to 3 Years.

Your dog’s brain is changing everyday, they may be growing in confidence, in independence they may believe they do not need you. 

They actually need you more than ever, to help them be the well mannered and calm dog you want.

This skills course is a fabulous bespoke 6 session, 1-1 course to address the individual needs of your dog. 

We are very mindful that your dog is still a young dog, so emotionally your dog is still growing. All the games and concepts will reflect this stage of their lives.

 We will also help you to manage your expectations of a dog of this age and to put in place short, medium and long term goals.

However, common issues we have been asked to address are:

  • Focus on you
  • Happily returning to you when called.
  • Proximity games to build and strengthen trust and bond.
  • Walking skills.
  • Greeting guests protocol and front door manners.
  • Kitchen manners.
  • Meeting and playing appropriately with other dogs.
  • Appropriate play with your dog, how to play effectively to build behaviours and positions.
  • Improve listening skills. To think rather than react.
  • Calmness, settling and relaxing at home.

Fee is £150 FOR 3 HOURS OR £300 FOR 6 HOURS

Each session is 60 mins approx.. 

A mixture of home and out and about sessions.

Bespoke course that suits specific needs of your dog

This is a course that is built specifically for dogs that find it very hard managing to live in our busy world.

From 6 months onwards.

For dogs that may be fearful, anxious or they may be over aroused and always on the go.

Often this character will display its emotion by lunging, pulling excessively, barking or running off.

This course will involve work at your home and out and about.

Common problems we have helped owners and their dogs are:

  • Barking at dogs.
  • Barking at humans
  • Over excitement and inability to settle
  • Running off and not returning
  • Pulling excessively
  • Trouble being left on its own

Even if the issue is not listed please get in touch to discuss how we can help you and your dog.

Fee is £150 FOR 3 HOURS OR £300 FOR 6 HOURS

  • Includes PDF files to support the sessions
  • 1 x 25 mins Skype support session


Pay as You Go.


· 60 minutes.

· Can be held in your house or out and about.

Fee £60 a session.